What Hath Pastor Wrought??

Well, I finally went and did it. Since we Pastors sometimes don’t know when to be quiet, I am foolishly taking to ‘blogging.’ Now, when I make comments about current events, I will try to let my “Biblical (that is, Lutheran) World View” inform all discussions. However if my ramblings touch upon things political, please don’t feel that you need to approve of all I say. I would hope, of course, that when I comment upon the Bible and applying it to daily life, I am faithfully expressing God’s Word on the topic.

I will also commiserate on sports and my abysmal Cleveland Browns at times. Then I hope you sympathize with me and laugh with me, not at me. I probably also will comment on movies, comics, humor, history, etc. Then you certainly by no means need to agree with me, unless the jokes are really, really funny.

I especially ask that you be patient as I experiment with this new means of communication. As of today, I don’t even know how to find my own blog online. Hopefully I’ll get that under control in time to post info in this weekend’s bulletin.

Oh, and if Stan Lee, or anyone at Marvel Comics, please don’t sue me for the Spider-Man jpg on my opening page. Just consider it free advertising for your movies (not so sure I like the latest comic books: the original Amazing Spider-Man, Marvel Team-Up, Avengers, etc. were just too good), at least as long as Marvel keeps them clean and relatively faithful to what I consider the 1960’s Golden Age of Marvel Comics. I even used to be a card-carrying member of “FOOM,” Friend of Old Marvel. Let me know if you were, too. 🙂

God’s Blessings upon your day!

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