Movies, Movies, Movies

Good morning to everyone from crispy-cold Central Illinois! 🙂

As my ‘blog’ gets off the ground, I will give you fair warning that I will talk about movies from time-to-time. I’ve been a fan of cinema since when I was a kid, going to the old theater in Ashtabula, Ohio, a few miles east along U.S. Route 20 from my hometown of Geneva. (Ashtabula is hometown of OSU Buckeyes head football coach Urban Meyer! My Geneva Eagles were the dominant team in that league, and we used to beat them regularly. Meyer’s Catholic High School in Ashtabula, though, always had big offensive lines. I guess they ate well there.)

Impossible to give my ‘favorite’ movie, partly because there are so man ‘genres’ of movies. My family will tell you my favorite dark comedy is “Dr. Strangelove,” and I wouldn’t argue with that. “The Thin Man” series is great. Is that a “Light Romantic Comedy”?? I’m not sure. William Powell & Myrna Loy had great chemistry.  I’m eagerly looking forward to the “Spider-Man: Homecoming” flick since seeing the new actor doing Spider-Man in “Captain America: Civil War”. I used to trudge the streets of Geneva, Ohio delivering newspapers for 48-cents a week to make money to buy comic books when a pre-teen. Mowed lawns in the summer to buy them, too. Maybe I’ll get a side-job reviewing movies from this blog??? 🙂

Maybe you ladies out there can help answer a question for me: Do women  often quote movie lines? At a weekly Pastors’ meeting I attended at my last parishes outside Edwardsville, IL, that topic once came up as we were getting ready to start the exegetical study. It just *seemed* to us that men, rarely women, quoted movie lines in conversation, since all of us quoted lines from movies often. But such ‘anecdotal evidence’ does not constitute scientific proof of course. (Yeah, I talk funny sometime.)

So, ladies, I’m not sure you can reply to this post, nor how I would read your reply, but if you can, let me know: do you gals quote movies a lot?? If not you personally, gals you know?

Now I’ve got to go back trying to figure out how to get rid of that astronaut at the bottom of my blog posts. Must be like the movie “Gravity,” which I thought was kind of dull. Not a big George Clooney fan for starters. Glad he was the one that spun off into outer space, not the girl. 🙂 Hope I didn’t spoil the ending for you if you hadn’t seen it. No reason to rent it anyway. Oh, speaking of George Clooney, if you want to rent a funny movie, DON’T rent “Hail, Caesar!” What a dull, dull, deadly dull disaster of a movie. Can’t believe the same people who brought us “Raising Arizona” and “Brother, Where Art Thou” (which does have George Clooney, oddly) could produce such a horrendous piece of cinema.

But then I digress. But I guess that’s what one is supposed to do in  blog …………..

I’d be happy to talk movies with you when I have the time.

Umm, “I’ll be back.”

God’s Blessings on your day!

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