Is the Universe Just a 3-D Movie??

The Independent from Britain has an interesting science article today.

One of the raps against Creationists like myself is that the Universe is too large for light to travel from distant stars here to earth in just the 10,000 – 15,000 years since the Creation. (Attend my Genesis Bible Class after we’re done with Revelation in our semi-weekly Historical Bible Study to find out where I get those numbers.) Actually, the “prime-the-pump” analogy easily brushes aside that false Evolutionist defense. Light was created before the stars, which stars are ‘light-producers’. So God first set-up the physical streams of light before turning on the stars, which pump even more light to us, just like a pump must be primed with water before it will send more water down the pipes.

Reading the UK Independent article, though, some astrophysicists have come to a startling conclusion: when we look at the stars, we may just be looking at a 3-D hologram! Just like some credit cards appear to have a 3-D image on a flat 2-D surface, and just like a 3-D movie is shown on physical 2-D surfaces, they have concluded that all the evidence points to the universe doing the same. When we look at the stars, we could just be seeing a hologram that just *appears* to have great depth, but in reality is just a projection as it were onto a 2-D surface.

As Biblical Creationists, we know that God ‘thinks’ us into existence, because all we see and are is created by His immaterial Word. He speaks, therefore things exist (real things, not imaginary things, as Dr. Luther reminds us). The stars and galaxies are real, but they need not be billions or trillions of miles away just because they *appear* that way to us.

So, God doesn’t need CGI (Computer Generated Images) when He can project WGR (Word Generated Realities) that look billions of light years away, when maybe they’re actually only a few hundred or a few  thousand light years away.

Food for thought for the day. God Bless! 🙂

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