And the Winner Is …

And the winner is … our Men’s Dart Ball Team. We swept all three games yesterday, including one 10+ run ‘Mercy Rule’ win (which is why Pastor got home early), and a 10-run win in the final game. For the first time in a long time all five of our squad were all getting numerous hits. Just one more month to go. I think our squad is near the top, maybe even in first place(???), but need another sweep next month in Auburn.

Naturally the Great Oscars Flub came up in conversation. I actually haven’t seen it on the DVR yet, but I might for a laugh. Now, “let he who is without goofs drop the first stone on his own foot,” but with all the ‘beautiful’ people who lecture us on religion, history, science, and politics ad nauseum as if they were experts on everything, having such a massive gaffe it is a fit reminder that we are all humans and so none of us lays final claim to grace or wisdom. Again, I like movies, but in the final estimation every actor is a practised liar. They make their living pretending to be what they are not. The real problem comes in when they forget they are not what they portray on ‘The Big Screen,’ but mere mortals who are just great pretenders, and so ought not go lecturing us on how to live our lives. Still, I have an active “Old Adam” within me, and am only really worth listening to when I am properly teaching God’s Word.

On this “Mardi Gras”, aka “Gross Tuesday,” I and my bride (whose birthday is tomorrow!! Happy Birthday, sweetheart!) will be escorting a true winner, Hermina Stier, to the Lincoln Museum in Springfield. Hermina’s never been there, and we bought an annual membership that allows us up to four admissions any and everyday we choose this year. [Nicholas was home in January, we all went, and just another $20 bought all our admissions AND a membership for the year, so I said, “Well, sure! Why not??”] Hermina’s a true gem of a gal, and so it is our privilege and pleasure to take her somewhere fun she’s never been. Then I can also take her and my  bride Pam along to lunch for Pam’s Birthday ‘Dinner’, since her b-day is Ash Wednesday this year. Yeah, I’m still that cheap, fulfilling two obligations of love on the same ticket. 🙂

Y’all have a wonderful day! Hope to see you at our Wednesday Lenten Soup Suppers AND all our Services! Contact Jan Morgan if you can help with any of the meals! She’s also a great gal who leads us in hymn and song year-round. (Thanks to Bev, too! And now Georgia, Chris, and Rachel are blessing us often with their musical talents. Thanks!!!)

God Bless! <><

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