Starting My 59th Campaign

Good morning to all, on a crisp, chilly March 10th!

Well, here I begin my 59th year outside the womb. Plenty to do. 🙂

Don’t know if I should make anything of it, but my Classical Music rotation in iTunes is playing  Beethoven’s Sixth Symphony, to which Edward G. Robinson was listening in literally his final movie scene in the odd but interesting “Soylent Green” with Charlton Heston. [With Chuck Connors as the bad guy! No, no, no! He’s “The Rifleman”!!] Edward G. was laying back before, um, passing away in the movie. Nature scenes were playing before his eyes with Beethoven’s Sixth playing at his request.Can’t quite recommend the movie, except that it was Robinson’s final performance, and so has some historical cinematic value. If your life is troubled, though, try listening to Classical. Soothes the savage breast, as the poet said.

Let’s see, the Brownies are shoring up their offensive line:

Still need a QB. But football is won or lost “in the trenches.” It’s been suggested by a dear brother in Christ that the Browns should have tried to sign Lady Gaga {you know who you are. 🙂 } She caught a pass in the Super Bowl, which is more than any  Browns WR can claim. Still think she will sign with the bizarre Lingerie Football League. (Whoever thought of such a thing? How weird.)

I’m getting ready to munch on a “little chocolate donut,” a birthday gift from my lovely bride. Kids will get most of them, naturally. I just carried a few to the office to have with morning coffee. So I’ll need  to take an extra lap around the Courthouse Square this morning in a vain attempt to “work them off.”

Got a nice message from Nicholas from Japan this a.m. (Friday night in Tokyo.) He’s a good lad. Keep him, Tristen Fricke, Steven Baker, and all our military in your prayers please. The Looney Toons North Koreans chucked a few ‘test’ missles into the Sea of Japan a few days ago, so things are a bit on edge. Fortunately the Navy also has the USS Vinson nuke carrier in the South China Sea, so the Reagan is not our only nuclear flattop in those waters.

Well, better get to work. Winter’s gonna try to make a bit of a comeback this weekend. Don’t forget to set your clocks ahead an hour tomorrow night! God Bless! <><

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