It’s Alive!! It’s Alive!!

I feel like Dr. Frankenstein today. 🙂

I managed to bring back to life my Dell Dimension 4100, Pentium III, 933 MHz processor computer. It’s been upgraded to maximum PC133 SDRAM (I think it’s got 8GB). I also gave it a VisionTek XTASY 9200 SE, with RADEON 9200 SE Secondary 128 MB AGP video card. It sports a then-whopping dual 120GB hard drives, and two DVD-RAM disk drives. And, yes, it has a functional floppy disk drive! 🙂 No internet access, though, since I pulled the modem and wi-fi cards to keep it virus-free. It even showed the correct date on start-up (I thought the CMOS battery was dead!!). AND, it played the short clip of Al Stewart’s “Merlin’s Time” he recorded back on Windows 95 “sound recorder.” Gotta see if I can swipe that and use it on my Win 10 machines!!

It also runs Windows Me (!!!!), which means it can run a couple of hundred old Win 95 / 98 games he kept from back when software was cheap, abundant, and easy to come by. The kids games are great! The Pastor’s games are even better! Original MS Age of Empires, Age of Kings (inc. Conquerors edition), which play far, far better than the lousy Steam versions today. Finally, when vacation time comes this June, I will be able to fire up “Panzer General III: Scorched Earth.” Man, them Russkies had some nice tanks and tank destroyers! The Krauts did pretty well, too. 🙂

I hope you all will pardon the temporary mess in the pre-School room in the back. I set it up there so pre-schoolers can use the great kids eductional games, both now-installed and on CD-ROM. Zoombinis, Fisher Price Castle, Lego Racers, Math Blaster, Madeline, and my personal favorite, Scuppers the Sailor Dog (“It was a treasure … to Scuppers!”). Much, much, more as well.

OK, well, back to the PK room to see if ScanDisk has finished it’s thorough scan of the hard drive. The extra HD has a Norton Ghost copy of the main HD in case of failure. Will run ScanDisk on that next. Probably will take all night.

Now, if I can just get that 100MB Zip drive up and running without getting a “click of death” …

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