A Snowy Blog

Beloved in the Lord, I hope and pray your day is a joyous one. And if troubles have arisen, take heart that the Lord’s Spirit shall comfort you and strengthen you.

Please pray for Alice Leinberger, who is at her home in Springfield. She awaits leaving this Vale of Tears so that she may dwell in the House of the LORD forever. She is a sweet, pious, gentle child of God. The Lord Jesus personally promised her at her Baptism to lead her safe unto eternal life and Resurrection, and with that we comfort ourselves.

It started snowing when I left Alice’s house today, after blessing her with the Lord’s Supper. Snowed on and off the entire way home. Got heavier here in Petersburg, and now there is perhaps a fluffy quarter-inch of snow on the lawns and nicely sticking to the trees, turning them a lovely white.

I was going to stop for coffee on the way home at the local chain large bookstore (maybe I’ll mention them by name if they agree to send me $1-a-year for advertising!). However, Ralph Vaughn Williams’ Symphony Number Five came on the satellite radio. So I decided to go through a nearby drive-through of a coffee-and-bread establishment, whom I’ll also mention by name if they send me the $1-a-year advertising. 🙂 That way I could listen to the entire symphony on the way home. Sure enough, it finished just as I got back into Petersburg. Perfectly timed.

So wonderful was the symphony, that I went right to the large commercial fruity music vendor, whom I’ll also mention for $1-a-year, yadda, yadda, yadda, and purchased the Ralph (pronounced “rafe” as in “safe”) Vaughn Williams symphony. What a delight! It  comes with the splendid “Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas Tallis,” which I already owned, but which will now play twice, count ’em, twice in my Classical music play list. Sheer joy, all 16:25 of it. There’s also a nice “Serenade to Music” included. 13:05 of total joy, with some nice operatic voices.

Now, I like rock music, including some pretty loud, radical stuff. But when I’m in my office, and often on the road, there’s nothing better than classical music to stimulate the brain. The few lyrics never interfere with thoughts, just music the way the Lord intended, since classical music imitates natural sounds. Still prefer analog sound, but everything’s digital nowadays (you kids are getting ripped off: analog on a Hi-Fi system is still far superior).

So, if you want some soothing music to calm yourself, and stimulate thought and prayer, fill your music list with plenty of classical. Wherever you buy your music, look for Vaughn Williams, Symphony No. 5, by the Atlanta Chamber Chorus, Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, & Robert Spano.

BTW, Ralph Vaughn Williams is in our hymnals: “For All the Saints” (who from their labors rest). LSB 677, TLH 463. Great stuff.

God Bless! <><

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