A Snowy Blog

Beloved in the Lord, I hope and pray your day is a joyous one. And if troubles have arisen, take heart that the Lord’s Spirit shall comfort you and strengthen you. Please pray for Alice Leinberger, who is at her home in Springfield. She awaits leaving this Vale of Tears so that she may dwell […]

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Another Tragedy

Tragedy has again struck our nation. This time, a troubled teen murdered 17, and wounded many more, at a high school in Miami, Florida. I won’t mention the killer’s name, since I don’t want to give him any free advertising. I only hope Florida carries out God’s divine justice: “Whoever sheds the blood of man, […]

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Sheep to Be Slaughtered

As news reaches us of, apparently, a sole gunman killing 50 people and wounding hundreds in Las Vegas, we naturally turn in prayer to God for the comfort of the resurrection to be upon those who mourn the sudden deaths of loved ones and friends. While the world looks to find reason and rhyme in […]

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Career Change??

OK, just a short blog tonight, since I’ve not been blogging much of late. But if I were to consider a career change, THIS would be it: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/science/nasa-planetary-protection-earth-aliens-contaminate-space-moon-planet-mars-jupiter-salary-a7872066.html The title of the article: Nasa offering six-figure salary for new ‘planetary protection officer’ to defend Earth from aliens Not surprisingly, the job requires a lot of […]

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A Tragic “We told you so!”

Well everyone, sorry I’ve not been blogging much of late. Been busy. Also, if you do not want depressing news, then read no further. Apologies to return with tragic and gruesome things, but as Christians living in a world where death is applauded we need to be aware of such. If you’ve been following the […]

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It’s Alive!! It’s Alive!!

I¬†feel like Dr. Frankenstein today. ūüôā I¬†managed to bring back to life my Dell Dimension 4100, Pentium III, 933 MHz processor computer. It’s been upgraded to maximum PC133 SDRAM (I think it’s got 8GB). I¬†also gave¬†it a¬†VisionTek XTASY 9200 SE, with¬†RADEON 9200 SE Secondary 128 MB AGP¬†video card. It sports a then-whopping dual 120GB hard […]

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Circular Logic

OK, it’s Saturday morning, I’m feeling a bit goofy, and I’ve got a few minutes, so here goes … While doing stretching exercises last night before beddy-bye time, I was watching the TV, and the best I could find was the movie “Signs”. Like all M. Night Shamalamdingdong movies (don’t know how to spell his […]

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